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Monday - Friday:  9am to 3pm EST

Telephone: (231) 938-2582 

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3946 Park Lane
Traverse City, MI 49686

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Our Store Location 

Pomeroy Jewelers 
3946 Park Lane, Just off Holiday Road 
Traverse City, Michigan 49686
Telephone: (231) 938-2582 

Our store is a second generation, family owned business
that has been in the same location since 1973. 


About Us...

Pomeroy Jewelers is a second generation, family owned and operated jewelry store located in northwestern lower Michigan.  We are NOT just an office front but rather a physical jewelry store that is open to the public during set hours of operation.. Opening in 1973, we have been in this same location for over 33 years.  When you place an order with, you will be dealing with the owners, Jim and Jaclin (Pomeroy) Dunne. While this store is devoted to specialty mothers jewelry- mothers rings, pendants, brooches and bracelets- we offer other items through our physical store including special order jewelry.  We have personally selected thousands of items that we feel our customers will enjoy... based on quality and price.  We understand that our customers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and that each purchase is special to them no matter what the price.  So we do our best to offer items in several price ranges... from affordable to extravagant... to help you find the perfect gift or keepsake in your price range.

OUR GOAL... To provide beautiful keepsake jewelry that celebrates
mothers, grandmothers and family and to offer it at a competitive price.

The History of Pomeroy Jewelers &

For several  years, my dad, Bill Pomeroy, worked as a watch and clock repairman in downtown Traverse City, Michigan.  We three goofy little kids had a daily ritual where we would stand at the window to wave as he headed off to work.  It was a rare occasion when we would stop by the store to see him... going in the back door to the repair area at F.A. Earls.  Weekends were special... all of us would sometimes be at the kitchen table playing with Play Dough or coloring.  And he built us the neatest raised fort out of the wood reels that telephone cables used to come on.  He was so good at fixing things and finding ways to make things work.

A time came when he wanted to start a business of his own. He and my mom, Jenny, opened their one and only jewelry shop in the late 60's.  It was tucked away from the main flow of traffic in a quiet neighborhood setting. The store was actually in the dining room and had one showcase... customers would stop by for repairs or to purchase. Word of mouth is how many customers found them.  My dad had his repair shop in the basement and when he could find time, he studied to become a bench jeweler. Because of his skill as a licensed watchmaker and clock repairman and his attention to detail, the business grew.  In 1973, they added on the store and expanded their inventory.  Over the years customers would return for their fair pricing and quality repairs of watches, clocks and jewelry.  A couple of times my mom and dad discussed moving the business to a commercial location but never could find just the right place. 

In 1992, the time came to decide who would take over the family business.  My sister and brother had both moved on and had families and jobs in other towns.  So my dad asked my husband and I if we would continue the business that he and my mom worked so hard to build.  While we made some changes over the years, we never strayed from the foundation of this business... quality and service at a fair price. 

By 1999, we were ready to open our first online store-  I took what I had learned over the years from my dad and applied it to this new way of reaching both our local customers and new customers across the United States.  2001 brought about the beginning of our second online store with the suggestion from my niece, we took a fun memory of when ma used to let my sister and I go through her jewelry box.  After more than 7 years online, we now have thousands of loyal customers across the country who return for the same reason customers originally shopped with my dad- quality jewelry at a fair price. 

We hope many of the items our customers purchase here will be family heirlooms that will be handed down for generations to come.  We thank you for taking time to learn about Pomeroy Jewelers and We hope to be of service to you in the very near future.

Sincerely ~
Jim & Jaclin Dunne
Mom's Jewelry Box
Pomeroy Jewelers

Our Physical Store:
Pomeroy Jewelers
3946 Park Lane
Traverse City, Michigan 49686
Phone: 231-938-2582

Our Website's Security Features:
We do not store any customer information on our servers.  Orders are received by Spark Pay (Capital One).  When you reach the billing information page, our website becomes secure. This is the only area where our customers enter sensitive billing and credit card information.  Look for the paddle lock at the top of the page.  You will also note that web page address appearing at in the browser will go from an http to an https address.

We have never believed in advertising exaggerated manufacturer suggested retail pricing with fake discounts nor continuous on-going sales in order to induce our customers to buy now. It's just not who we are.  We try to offer a fair price everyday. 

We make every effort to provide beautiful jewelry and gifts at a competitive price.  If the precious metal market should change or if mfrs. increase their prices to us, our online prices may be effected. We reserve the right to change pricing.  If this should ever occur, you would be contacted for authorization to proceed with your order at the new price. 


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